Collaboration with Frank Fantauzzi
With Anthony Dong, David Misenheimer, Noboru Inoue
Assistance from Nicholas Cameron, Melisa Delaney, Karen Li, Ted Lutz, Kerron Miller, Chris Paa, Mike Singh, Queenie Tong

A site-specific installation at the Big Orbit Gallery in Buffalo. The gallery space was filled with pallets, a by-product of the City’s industrial history.  We then carved, orbiting from two centers, a "Big Orbit" out of the solid, essentially creating an orbital void in the space of the gallery.  In the mirror space of the gallery, the courtyard, the process of construction was reversed to create a solid in the void of the courtyard.  The project also provided a connection between the front door of the gallery through the Big Orbital void and the exit door to the Big Orbital solid.
Scope: Site specific installation
Site: Big Orbit Gallery, Buffalo, NY. Permanent installation: Griffis Sculpture Park.