Collaboration with Shadi Nazarian, and Wolfgang Tschapeller.

A proposal for the “Austrian Cultural Institute”, which questioned the relationship of real estate value and cultural values in a mid-town Manhattan 30-story tower.  The proposal consciously subverted the relationship of rentable space and public cultural spaces.  The core, the most identifiable, vertically continuous, structurally stable, and programmatically singular center of high-rise construction is taken apart, sliced vertically, multiplied, and re-assembled to make the building the core, and the core the building.
Scope:  Competition entry, including drawings, models, codes, & calculations.
Site:  25' wide row-house site, 11 W. 52nd Street, New York, NY
Gross floor area:  28,220 SF

"Fifth Place Prize", in "Austrian Cultural Institute" national design competition.