Collaborative project with Nick Cameron
Assistance from Milenko Ivanovic, Maciej Kaczynski, Jared Oakley, Apisit Thanivuthiporn

A proposal for the Pleasanton Central Park Design Competition in Pleasanton, CA.  The site is located between the downtown and the neighboring foothills, with an 8-lane highway reinforcing the separation.  The proposal envisaged a continuous green surface connecting the downtown to the foothills and Pleasanton ridge, created by a translucent grass system that crossed the highway. A system for growing and maintaining grass in a bed of transparent polycarbonate honeycomb with translucent fiber fill was developed and tested.  The translucent grass panels were designed to provide a walking surface over the highway and filter daylight and light from cars on the highway during the night.
Scope:  Competition entry
Site:  A 400 acre land neighboring downtown Pleasanton

Top ten selection in “Pleasanton Central Park Design Competition”