1. Thumbnails for "All Work" each have a clickable link to a "Not Linked" page. This means that the page cannot be found when navigating the site publicly, but it accessibly through the thumbnail link. Be sure to link the thumbnail gallery with the correct "Not Linked" project page (ie. under All Work, Commissioned, Theoretical, Installation.)
  2. Each "Not Linked" page has lettering in front of it to designate which section it is in, ie. All_xxxxx = All Projects, Comm_xxxxx = Commissioned, Cp_xxxxx = Competition, Th_xxxxx = Theoretical, and In_xxxxx = Installation. It is important to keep this page system in place to link pages properly later.
  3. Each project page has a "previous project" or "next project" button at the bottom. Each button, for each project, is linked specifically to one of the project designation identified above. For instance, a "previous project" button may need to be linked to a "Not Linked" project page identified at "In_Slide Wall". When a new project is completed and needs to be added to the website, be sure to review the "previous project" or "next project" buttons to be sure they link to the new project pages. This needs to be done at the beginning and end of a list of projects since the last project is setup to link back to the first in a section, ie. in the Theoretical work section.
  4. To add new work to the website it is best to copy an existing page, which are all in the "Not Linked" area. If you are working on the page you can select to hide the page. Images for a new project need to fit within a pixel size of 1500px wide x 1125px high. This is true for landscape or portrait images. Making whatever space sits outside the image, but within the 1500x1125 dimension frame could be white for best appearance on the site.