Collaboration with Tsz Yan Ng
With Christopher Romano
Assistance from: Adesh Michael Singh, Michael O’Hara, Jose Chang, Maciej Kaczynski, Dave Nardozzi

Building for a New York-based fashion designer and producer in Shantou, China.  In order to engage construction in a critical manner, the design examines the rigid concrete frame construction, typical in this region, in 3 axes (x,y,z) and develops an independent system to sustain each.  In the spirit of the textile industry, a textile-like, woven concrete structure of 3 systems was composed.  The 3 systems, working in the X-Y-Z axes, while independent, unite to make a structurally unique building.
Scope:  Design and Construction Documents complete. Built.
Site:  3 acre site in an urban, industrial zone, Shantou, China; Gross floor area: 320,000 SF

Selected as “Best of 2012” by Domus
Selected as “Best of the Week” by Domus
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