With Dennis Escobar, Steen Stryhn, Morten Stubgaard,
Assistance from Tom Brennan, Robert Burnham, Anthony Caputo, Jerry Chang, Andrei Chisinevschi, Elaine Chow, Brian Conroy, Dana DiPasquale, Dan Dwyer, Yoriko Endo, Jennifer Gajewski, Ayelet Gezow, Vicky Ho, Manish Kalantri, Ike Lowry, Melissa Morgano, Scott Nunemaker, Fred Otero, Kenichiro Ozaki, Michael Powers, Eric Salveson, Johnny Sha, Michael Singh, Michael Tunkey, Jo Wang, and Wendy Yeung.

A study and critique of absolutes, explored in time, location, construction methods, families, and behavior, through both a theoretical investigation and a gallery installation involving a hinged, moving structure that, while defining a space, could simultaneously hinge itself into a flat wall form, thus going from one absolute to the absolute opposite.
Scope:  Text, drawings, models, and installation at the Big Orbit Gallery.  Book published by Applied Research and Design Publishing.

National Endowment for the Arts INDIVIDUAL DESIGN GRANT recipient.