TO set ASTIR the toaster, TO set ASTIR the kitchen, TO set ASTIR the text, which has, describe the object, toaster. The word toaster, that which references the utilitarian object used in the kitchen, is set astir is set into motion, is set into flux; its undecidable reading is then used to problematize the object of its reference, the toAST(e)IR.

TO set ASTIR the role of closure in the definition of the toaster, the object as we know it, and the kitchen, an isolated, enclosed work-room, the space, where the toaster is normally set to work, to reveal some underlying thought, which has governed the design of kitchens and the design of toasters alike, namely that the utilitarian contents of both need to be hidden, by the skin which completely encloses them, from SighT(e). The skin, which keeps hidden the utilitarian contents, from SIGHT, is turned into SITE, for the investigation, the skin becomes the SighT(e) of the utilitarian object.